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Video Making and Editing Software

The good news is because video is so popular – there are many applications and tools to help you in creating your video content. Some online video editing aps include stock video that is free for you to use. (Each platform differs regarding what is available).

If you have a computer it’s likely there is a video software application installed. The usual one for Windows machines is Windows Movie Maker.

For Macintosh iMovie is included. (You can also get iMovie for your phone).

There are also heaps of web based applications- one of the popular free options is Canva, and you can see what you get in each of their plans right here.

Confession time, when Canva came out I signed up for a free account and I have created absolutely nothing using it. Don’t judge! This is merely because for years I’ve been using Final Cut Pro and I just didn’t need to use it. I have heard though that this is a good place to start for no cost. I did go into my account to check it out again (yes I forgot my password!) before I wrote this post. Everything seems pretty simple and easy in there for beginners. 🙂

Similar to Canva is Typito – but unlike Canva it focuses only on video.

You can create up to 4 videos/month for free with Typito branding. You can remove the branding for a project for $10 or upgrade to any of the paid plans.

Adobe Premiere Rush is firstly free and you pay for upgraded features if you need them it is available on Apple and Android.

Another free one is VideoPad Video Editor also available for Apple and Android.

I didn’t mean to make this a long list of apps- just trying to give you a few starting options- that are as free as possible. If you are a beginner don’t be tempted to buy professional software because of all the advanced features they may list but you don’t understand. There is a huge learning curve involved and if you’ve never done video editing before- diving straight in there can be daunting and put you off completely.

If you do need some more recommendations specific to your needs email those needs to me and I’ll email you some recommendations specifically. (There’s not many video applications I haven’t used!).

Plus you need to look at what you are using it for. If you are using it for social media you need to find a solution that will easily convert your video in the right format for the platform you are posting to.

Start with free software or an app and see what you can create with it.

Then if your needs change you can consider upgrading or paid services (such as Magisto, Animoto, Vimeo and more!). If you need any help just email me.

3 Free sources of stock video to get your projects started:




3 Paid Commerical Stock Footage: