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3 questions to ask yourself!

3 Questions to ask Yourself.

I love TED Talks so thought I’d start sharing some that were relevant here.

Starting off with 3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do.

I know this is about Stacey Abrams  journey but the the 3 questions she asks herself about everything she does- is perfect for small business owners or anyone really. It resonated with me because many forums I am on inevitably someone will post they are feeling stuck, or thinking about giving up on their business. This elicits lots of responses because people have been through it themselves and also because they want to offer help and support. Mostly when feeling stuck or frustrated we need to go back to the beginning.

Stacey talks about moving forward, and her three questions she asks herself is branding 101 at it’s most basic. These are great questions for small businesses to go back to when feeling stuck.

Hope it inspires you.

Keep knowing yourself and showing yourself!