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Are you tired of doing it all?

Are you a business owner trying to do EVERYTHING?

There are business owners that try and do everything themselves. It’s their business so they think they are the ONLY people that can actually do the work required. They tell themselves they are saving money- which may be true but they are not saving time, and they are not working ON their business. So is it really in a businesses long term interests to do it all themselves?

Most business owners do not organise and operate…they end up trying to do all the work themselves. When I started my second business in 2008 (my photography business) I was physically matting the prints myself- which looking back now seems insane. I wanted it done to specific standards, so I would spend a fair amount of time (aka too much time!) matting prints for clients. As I said insane- but when you are starting out this tends to be the mindset. Luckily I woke up and realised this was not a good use of my time, and found someone I trusted (and spent a lifetime doing it) that I could pay to do this for me.

The fact is many business owners are TRYING TO DO IT ALL– the marketing, the tech stuff, copywriting, designing, accounting, social media and the list goes on and on. Eventually the business owner either gets burnt out and areas of the business begin to suffer or they make changes to rectify it. Too much time is spent on all of these things when really what they need to be focussed on is how to grow the business. If you are sick of trying to do it all- we can help, we understand budget constraints and can work with you- but we also understand what value we can bring to your business-we limit client numbers to work in partnership with you to grow your brand and give you some time back.

If you recognise you are in this position go here and we will assist.

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