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Blogging- Link to THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

Blogging Make It Work For You.

Blogging is an excellent way to drive traffic and get followers. For any of my website design clients that have a blog component to their sites- I put a link to this post Liz at SmartBlogger on their dashboards– and most of my clients will ignore it and happily blog away without realising that barely ANYONE is reading what they write.

If you are blogging to talk to yourself or documenting a personal journey or a house build or whatever then that’s fine- go ahead and blog your little heart out. It’s cathartic!

However, if you have a business and you are trying to engage with your existing clients or trying to get new clients and you have no idea where to start or what to do, I recommend reading it and implementing some of the blogging strategies outlined- not all advice will work for you or your brand.

Which is why I really resonate with this from Cristian Mihai from you can read the full article there.

“Looking back at my eight years as a full-time blogger, I can say that I have succeeded because of my passion, consistency, and my simple and concise writing style.

Also, looking back, I can tell you that I’ve failed because I didn’t care much for headlines, introductions, or properly building relationships with my readers.”

When I first started my first blog for my photography business in 2008 (I’d written personal blogs for family and friends before this) I would be  blogging at least 2 or 3 times a week, showing sneak peaks to clients (and the world) sharing advice on what to wear to photosessions and probably more mentions of dark chocolate than necessary. 🙂

After a while it felt like something I had to do rather than something I enjoyed. While it did get traffic to my site- it also was hacked many times- and the adminstration of it was taking up too much time, time that I decided would be better spent attending to other areas of my business. After years of having a blog there, I no longer have one for that business- and while my photography peers feel this is a cardinal sin- I’m good with it and my clients are too (infact they couldn’t care less whether I have a blog or not, and I wasn’t dependent on it for finding clients).

Your blogging has to meet your business needs and your personal needs. Lot’s of small businesses don’t have the time on top of everything else to be blogging- for others it’s vital.

If you need help in starting a blog (or need a website for one) or need a strategy for your online presence in social media or blogging please get in touch. 🙂 This blog is for you guys and I’ll be sharing whatever I think may help you. Let me know if you have a topic you would like a post on.