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Excuses (myths) for not using Video.

The common excuses I hear for not using video are:

1. Time

2. Cost

3. Technical Know How.


I get it you are trying to do a gazillion bazillion things each day so why do you want to add another thing to the list?

We all have the same amount of time – it’s what we do with it that makes the difference. Consider the amount of time you spend creating other content, and whether that is effective. If it is, great!

Note that video out performs any other content type.

If you are creating content with a goal in mind (ie. to engage customers, drive sales) it is a no brainer to allocate some time to creating video.

You should have a schedule for creating content,video is no different. Find out what works for you, not all businesses require the same thing, so work out what is right for you and schedule allocated time for video creation.

If you don’t know what is right for you, start small.

You can start small deciding to create a video once a week, block out ten minutes and create a simple video in Canva (or whatever you are using- if you need help with that email me).

You can make it even easier going live with your video. Plan it out first- then go live at least once a week.

Monitor your results, and you can tweak your posts accordingly.


Yes full production video is expensive! We are not talking about a mass production here people. Video for social media is short, sharp and to the point.

You can start creating video for the miniscule cost of zip, nadda, zilch!! There are heaps of online services which let you create free video. You can do live video for (drum roll please) zip, nadda, zilch! Make a start!!

Tech/Know How

I don’t believe you! Anyone these days can create video- admittedly some people just create bad video but ANYONE can create video.

With all the amazing online and software tools available – you have no excuse.

These are made for people that have never made a video before EVER. You need no technical or video know how what so ever to use them.

Now, I’m not trying to do myself out of a job here 🙂 – but I really want the people that use “But I don’t know how” (insert sad puppy dog eyes here) as an excuse that they can create simple video easily. YOU CAN! Anyone can create video-the key to making it effective is to remember the purpose of your video and your audience.

Make sure you plan it first (even if you are going live). You will learn more as you go- and you can always email me if you need some help.

If you can see the value of video but really don’t want to do it yourself (please try at least once) and you want us to create branded videos for you, or if you want something a bit more sophisticated click the button below and we will work out a complete video strategy with you.