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Not Every Fish in the Sea Is Your Ideal Customer.

animal, aquarium, aquatic
animal, aquarium, aquatic

Hey there, small business owners! Have you identified your ideal customer? We talk about this constantly, because constantly small business owners come to us saying “I just need more customers” when we ask them who their service or product is for they say “everyone”. 

“We want everyone to buy our soap”

“All businesses need a VA”

“I don’t care, just anyone that wants a personal trainer”

and so on.


Picture this scenario for a moment. You’re standing on a beautiful beach with your fishing rod, eagerly casting your line into the sea. The sun is shining, and you can almost taste success as you imagine reeling in one fish after another.  But here’s the thing – not every fish swimming beneath those crystal-clear waves wants to nibble at your bait.  In fact, if we were to draw parallels between fishing and running a successful small business (bear with us), it becomes abundantly clear that trying to catch every single fish just doesn’t work. 

It’s time for some real talk about finding YOUR ideal customer.  Nowadays, it seems like everyone talks about targeting customers or defining their target audience. But let’s be honest – figuring out who exactly falls into YOUR pool of potential customers can feel overwhelming.

However taking the time to figure it out properly makes everything much easier. Trust us when we say that as a small business owner (hey you are not Amazon) catching EVERY SINGLE FISH will only leave you exhausted while wearing yourself thin leading nowhere but straight towards burnout city.  You can try every bait imaginable (creating videos, creating beautiful pictures, writing blog posts) but unless it’s to the taste of the fish (aka unless you are talking directly to your ideal customer) it won’t have much effect. Instead of trying to reel in everything under the sun (or rather surf), picture something different –a perfectly sized net tailored explicitly made for attracting ONLY what suits YOU best!  

Once you’ve defined your ideal customer, who you are talking to -your content creation, your blog posts, your social media becomes so much easier and you are more likely to get bites from the fish you want.

fish, catch, nature

If you are just starting out we can help with strategic branding expertise combined with video marketing mastery PLUS social media management mojo.

In addition our Business Growth Blueprint audits where your brand/business is at- and makes recommendations for improvements and custom ideas for growth. Imagine immersing yourself in an insightful journey to better understand your business—its strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.  We can help you refine your brand positioning with meticulous precision so that when customers encounter it online or offline they say something along the lines of “This is exactly what I need!”

It gives us absolutely zero pleasure watching small business owners struggle under the weight of misdirected efforts trying to catch fish not even remotely interested in their bait. We’ve been there ourselves in previous businesses— caught up fishing for whales but coming home with guppies instead (metaphorically speaking) ?  

Our mission is crystal clear: To equip small businesses like yours with actionable ideas catered specifically towards growth based on YOUR unique identity and vision.

No more aimlessly splashing around hoping someone will take notice; after all…no one wants soggy shoes AND disappointment served as today’s special dish at success café.  

If you are very new grab our knowyourself document and work through it. If you are fed up/don’t have time and are ready for us to work with you – just let us know what you need.

Remember – finding YOUR ideal customer means casting out wisely while inviting only those who truly appreciate what YOU bring to the table.  Ready for some serious results without sacrificing sanity?  Get hooked on OUR kind of fishing—it starts throwing back anything undesired swimming near your line! ?

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