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Will your latest business idea take off?

Some people blindly decide to start a business (how many scrunchie and mask businesses appeared during the start of Covid?) without any thought for whether it will meet a need either for their customers or their own in running a business

colour palette rawmarrow.

Colour Theory and Psychology

I’ve been posting daily random colour palettes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and occasionally on Twitter.

One of the questions asked was what are these palettes used for? The ones posted on social media aren’t really used for anything as such -it is really to get people thinking about colour and colour combinations. Sure, sure it’s also a way of sharing funny album covers, old adverts as well I can admit it, but I will try to change it up.

Blogging- Link to THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

Your blogging has to meet your business needs and your personal needs. Lot’s of small businesses don’t have the time on top of everything else to be blogging- for others it’s vital.

Say Goodbye to Content Creation Overwhelm – Let Us Handle it for You!

Hey there, stressed-out small business owner! We see you juggling a million things at once and trying your best to establish or grow your business. But let’s be real, between learning new programs, mastering social media algorithms, and spending countless hours creating content… well, it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

Excuses (myths) for not using Video.

You should have a schedule for creating content,video is no different. Find out what works for you, not all businesses require the same thing, so work out what is right for you and schedule allocated time for video creation.

Video Making and Editing Software

The good news is because video is so popular – there are many applications and tools to help you in creating your video content. Some online video editing aps include stock video that is free for you to use.