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Rawmarrow: Cut through the crap

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If you have a business I bet you are constantly bombarded with offers, and ads to help your business. A free training session here, video calls there etc are meant to build up trust so ultimately you will buy from them. The thing is this funnel method is everywhere so of course you know ultimately they want your business.

The fact is most business owners know what they need help with, they are just unsure about where to get the help they need. Also people are looking for free advice so the first part of the “funnel” can be compelling. Truth is you can sign up for this and that but get through still can’t decide whether to go with this person, and then you click on another ad and another……

So in the time you’ve spent watching training videos, talking to people about your business, answering messenger questions about where you want your business to be etc you could have actually started work on your business. Not saying that these things aren’t helpful but I know many people have wasted a lot of time trying to find the answer, rather than just starting the work.

It’s sensible to research companies before you buy a product or service from them- but don’t get so caught up in doing the research that you forget to actually get the work done!

We started rawmarrow to be an agency like no other specifically for small businesses. Small businesses know what their problems are, and we recognise that and work collaboratively with you rather than telling you what to do.

Rawmarrow as a branding agency is more like a friend with experience rather than a stuffy know it all self-proclaimed expert. 

The reason is simple think about the attributes of a friend

  • friends show genuine interest in your business
  • friends will tell you the brutal truth
  • friends accept you for who you are (including your budget)
  • friends help you to grow
  • friends provide feedback and support
  • friends make you laugh
  • friends are loyal
  • friends do not let friends wear bad outfits
  • friends do not let friends skip leg day
  • friends do know when to stop making lists

You get the idea.

If you need help, let us know. Our team at rawmarrow is here to help- that’s what friends are for.