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SEO Tips for Video


People usually know about SEO, but often neglect SEO for images and videos. Here are 4 quick tips for thinking about your SEO for videos.


Video SEO is the process of optimizing your video so that it can be indexed and ranked search engine results on keywords that you want. It involves creating video metadata that is relevant for people who are searching for such things, as well as creating video content that will generate traffic. Having videos available for customers to view may be one of the biggest SEO ranking factors as videos are inherently appealing and easier to generate interested views than say text may be because they’re often more dynamic with increased potential for entertainment and engagement. The actual video data isn’t something that is seen web crawlers because they can’t see visuals. This is why tags and metadata, tags being tags and other information next to the video like on the website around it, lead the crawlers to the video.

While our focus is strategic branding and content creation– we do network with SEO experts and can introduce you to someone that will best fit your requirements if you need some SEO assistance beyond what rawmarrow offers for video SEO.


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