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Are websites dead?

Once upon a time in a far away land, long long ago if your business didn’t have a website it automatically lacked credibility. Fast forward to now and I know heaps of businesses that are doing very well without a website at all thank you very much. So what does this mean? Is the website dead?

As Danny Flamberg noted  “Consumers now engage and interact with mobile apps, social networks, text messages, email, and dynamically loaded loyalty cards much more than they do with brand websites. Even e-commerce sites are losing ground to smartphones and tablets. With their flagship status fading fast, it’s time to rethink everything we’ve learned about the marketing power of the website.

For many–may even most–brands, consumers visit the site once. They get the information they want, opt-in for email or text alerts, and never return. That’s why savvy marketers are looking carefully and skeptically at added investments in complex websites. Many are even de-emphasizing the role of a website in a brand’s digital ecosystem, preferring instead to use more agile and cheaper channels to maintain ongoing relationships and generate sales.

The rapid adoption of mobile and social media has changed the marketing calculus about the content and the role of branded websites. Once the cornerstone of a brand’s online identity, today the function of a website is just a small part of an overall brand experience. ”

Are websites actually dead then?

In my view the humble website is not dead, the nature and purpose of them may have changed but they can still be part of a suite of business marketing tools. Firstly it depends on your business, and secondly what you want to achieve with a website.

Originally websites were really like an online version of a brochure- websites now landing pages have to some extent taken over. Or at the very least the idea of a landing page has been interated into many websites.  If you don’t know what a landing page is- its basically a standalone page which has been designed with one goal in mind. That goal is to get the visitor to the landing page to take action of some kind.

To quote a 2017 article from Jonathan Laberge from Forbes “A website must cater to the needs and intent of your potential leads. Are your potential customers only looking for your business’s contact information? If that’s the case, you might get better results with a simple one-page website in combination with an efficient social media presence.”

Have you analysed whether your website is working for you in the most effective manner? What does your digital presence look like and how does each element interact to enable you to meet your business goals? If you’d like some pointers in this area just go to this landing page 😉

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