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Candle Business Coach Podcast: Nervous Guest

Candle Business Podcast

Me a Podcast Guest?

Recently, I (Maree) had the pleasure of being a guest of the lovely Kirsty Allen on the Candle Business Coach podcast. Kirsty’s business and podcast is directed at candle makers.  

Our expertise lies in strategy, branding, content creation, interactive video, and social media management – not in the world of making candles. Of course I was not there to talk about making candles but I think it did help that we have worked with candle makers in the past.

It had been a long time since I have done an interview, so I was a little nervous, but I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did it- apologies to Kirsty’s podcast listeners if I spoke too fast or was a bit crazy. ?

If you want to hear me raving on (cause reading my blog posts just isn’t enough ha! ha!!) the podcast comes out tomorrow (runs and hides).

The podcast included topics around branding and digital strategy for candle makers. It’s essential for small businesses to recognise the power of these tools in expanding their reach and customer base. 

Rawmarrow, shares a philosophy that aligns seamlessly with Kirsty’s ethos of supporting and empowering small businesses. We both believe in the value of a no-nonsense, friendly approach. We understand the challenges that small businesses face, and we are passionate about helping them succeed. Having this similarity made my interview experience a lot easier.

Kirsty was just lovely and is passionate about helping candle makers succeed. If you are a candle maker I strongly recommend you go to the Candle Business Coach podcast. It’s a great resource for learning new things, getting inspired, and connecting with other candle makers. Kirsty also has coaching and membership programs that will help you on your journey and make it a lot smoother and get results quicker.

About Me and Candles.

To find out my favourite candle scent you will have to listen to the podcast. I have a high allergy rate so I am super sensitive to smells and scents. (some can actually make me ?).

Here’s the candle that I mentioned I love the smell of. Pretty sure I bought it from Mini Max years ago. This was the small version and I also have it in a larger version with the same container and a pillar candle on it’s own. Unfortunately I have no idea what the scent is other than the title “Eau De Nil” and I have no idea who made it 🙁 If any candle makers know please get in touch and let me know!

rawmarrow picture of candle

rawmarrow lit candle- podcast blogpost

After the podcast I remembered as a child someone had given me a unique candle of an angel it was dusted in gold (might have been my Aunt from America) and it stayed on my bookshelf for years, I don’t think she was ever lit. I tried to find a picture of it online but couldn’t – as a child and even in my teens it never occurred to me to light it and I truly can’t remember if I ever did. Lighting the candle might have offered a different kind of beauty and experience. Being open to different perspectives can lead to innovation and growth in business, just as lighting the candle might have revealed its unique beauty. So don’t take things for granted in your business be open to seeing the same thing in a different light. ?️

Thanks for having me as a guest on your podcast Kirsty!