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Content Creation

Content Creation

This post was a result of @glennwrites1 who we follow on twitter (x) posting the following tweet- thank you Glenn for the inspiration!

and us (Maree in this case) responding with this tweet.



Content Creation.

“Volume is rarely bad”?

I disagree. When it comes to meaningful social media engagement, business followers and potential clients on platforms like Twitter are seeking value, insights, and connection. Do my business followers and potential clients whether on twitter or any social media platform really want to know that I saw a duck eat bread? What I had for breakfast? What I am doing every 5 minutes?

I think I’ve said before don’t post for the sake of posting, or feeling like you have to post. We don’t need to be using social media as a daily diary (more on that in a tick).

What I do agree with is using everyday life as INSPIRATION to write/make content for your intended audience so that it has some value for them. I have an active (over active?) mind and imaginatoon so I absolutely agree that content creation inspiration can come from unexpected and diverse sources. So what if I had curry for breakfast how does this effect them, why would they care? Can I make my story about having curry from breakfast into a post that has a lesson or tip for small business owners. (Actually I can… but that’s a story for another time 😀).

Posting with your audience in mind.

It’s true social media a powerful platform for self-expression, connecting with others, and sharing content. Some do treat it like a personal diary, documenting every moment from our morning coffee to late-night reflections (occasionally there’s nothing wrong with this). Managing personal social media accounts is very different from managing business accounts. In the vast sea of social media content, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate whether our posts are truly resonating with our intended audience. Business accounts focus should be on creating purposeful posts that cater to the interests and needs of our followers.

Quality over Quantity.

More posts don’t necessarily equate to more engagement or impact. Users have short attention spans, it is crucial to prioritise delivering content that is valuable and inspiring or even scroll stopping content to make people think. Focussing on volume over quality can lead to less engagement and a decrease in it’s value.

Audience Fatigue.

If I am just creating content for the sake of it, it can lead to the audience tuning out, getting annoyed and ultimately unfollowing you. They might forgive a few breakfast posts here and there but if the content is not giving them anything- not even amusement they will switch off. Generally people don’t like being bombarded with content that isn’t useful to them or at the very least amuses them. 😀

Understand your Audience.

Understand who your followers are and what they value. What kind of content are they seeking? Sure you won’t know that until you experiment a little. What problems can you help them solve? Tailoring your posts to the needs of your audience, their desires and pain points both engages them and establishes you as a valuable resource in their lives or as amusement that they can’t do without!

Content Inspiration from the Everyday.

As someone who thrives on creativity, I understand the it’s easy to find content creation ideas in the most unexpected places and everyday life. Obviously the trick is to not just state I saw some ducks eating bread for example but to transform personal anecdotes into relatable experiences. You can add lessons or insights that resonate with your audience. Sharing a personal experience is only valuable if it resonates with the broader context of your brand’s message.

Business accounts shouldn’t be devoid of personality, the personality of your brand should shine through in your content. The aim is to strike a balance between being insightful and amusing, providing content that keeps them coming back for more.










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