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Create a Website using AI

We talked about some questions you had about ChatGPT. Today’s post is actually using an example of where AI can help small businesses with creating a website, no coding. We have chosen as it’s the most advanced we have found at this time. While the possibilities of this website may seem limited. It can help provide ideas for landing pages and overall website design. However, in our experimentation with this tool, we found that the website itself is incomplete- containing links that don’t lead anywhere and many placeholder images that do not match the topic at hand.

Additionally, there are also ads for the ai-site which can be cumbersome for users. The code behind the free version also leaves room for improvement as it is often messy and difficult to work with from a developer’s perspective. Despite these drawbacks though, we believe there is still potential for small business owners’ tools if used as a starting board for web designing ideas. Also note that this tool is still in early stages of development and should improve in time.

We also used it to convert an existing non site to . The results were pretty impressive for the amount of time it took. Of course, there were lots of gaps, strange formatting changes, and menu names were changed to things such as “Page 2” etc. However, you can then edit and fix these issues. As we are skilled in coding/web design, the editing and fixing of issues would take us less time than a novice. We are not sure if a novice would save more time using this tool or learning themselves using a conventional web builder.

If you have been wanting a website but have not started yet it might be worth it to experiment and see what happens. Just realise that resulting page may not be practical or effective for a real website.

Image of web10 AI website builder welcome screen

Here’s how- you can have a free trial for 7 days. The actual pricing is listed on the site (US dollars remember) There are three paid plans from 10Web: Personal, Premium, and Agency.


Click on “Get started for free”

Now, click on “Create a new website with AI”

Image of web10 create a new website with AI

Then you will be asked to select your preferred template from these three.

Image of templates you can choose from in web10 AI

You will be asked a few simple questions about your business, and it will then generate your website. 

Similar to existing templates available for website creation you can then customise the content branding colours and so on.

Happy experimenting! If you are fed up with DYI, AI or otherwise and are ready for a website, landing page or interactive video page contact our team!


Please note these are not endorsed us we are just sharing for those of you that want to explore this as an option. We also suggest reading each providers terms of service and privacy agreement before committing. This technology is moving at a rapid speed and we will try and update every so often.

List Last updated : 9/1/2024