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Loneliness Survival Guide for Solo Business Owners.

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Operating as a sole business owner operator has its highlights – freedom, flexibility, and control. However, this type of business also comes with its share of challenges, including a significant one – loneliness. One of our new clients mentioned this recently so we thought we’d do an entire blog post on it. Luckily, the trials and tribulations of solo business loneliness can be helped. Here are some strategies to help conquer this emotional hurdle, build a sense of community, and stay connected.

Tips to keep Loneliness away as a solo business owner.

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Find Your Tribe.

A professional support system is paramount in every field, even more so for solopreneurs. Seek out active networking groups online or close to your physical location. An effective tribe can serve as your sounding board, and inspiration squad, and quite literally address your sense of disconnect. There are numerous groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, curated specifically for solopreneurs like yourself.

Engage in Colleague Collaboration.

Often solo business owners believe in carrying the weight of the entire venture on their shoulders. Flip this viewpoint. Connect with other solo business owner – perhaps a freelance interior designer collaborates with an artist for a specific project? Such collaborations not only break the monotony and loneliness but also result in cross-pollination of ideas. Collaborations such as these can also lead to a permanent working partnership.

Seek Mentorship.

Considering pairing up with a mentor. Seasoned mentors offer both professional guidance and a connection outside your day-to-day activities. They’ve been through the grind and understand the ups and downs experienced solo business owners. Gaining insights from their journey can help shape your business path while combating feelings of isolation.
Free version talk to trusted friend or partner, sometimes it helps to say your thoughts out loud and they might have a perspective you hadn’t considered.

Co-Working Spaces.

A change of environment can sometimes make all the difference. Co-working spaces are not for all small business owners as there is a cost involved. Co-working spaces provide a community setting while still allowing you the independence of working alone. It offers ample networking opportunities without setting you back in terms of flexibility. The free alternative which I have used is to go to a park or cafe and work there for a while for a change of scenery.

Some Resources

Note we have not used these ourselves, and there are more options out there- Google is your friend to help you find a space that suits you. Talk to other business owners also for their recommendations.

Melbourne, Australia Co Working resources.

Melbourne City


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Digital Detox.

Operating alone often leads solo business owners to heavily rely on technology. It may seem counterintuitive, but overuse of digital tools can increase the feeling of loneliness. Consider planned digital detoxes – small breaks from technology, taking a walk in nature, or indulging in a hobby. Identifying non-work activities can help break the cycle of loneliness and serve as rejuvenation.

Regular Exercise and Health Check-In.

It’s easy for solo business owners to neglect physical health. Make exercise an essential partof your routine. Physical activity not only counters loneliness but also releases endorphins – chemicals in the brain that help alleviate feelings of stress and sparks a positive vibe.

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Celebrating Success.

As a solo business owner you don’t have a team to celebrate small wins, and it’s easy to overlook them. However, commemorating small achievements is crucial for maintaining positivity and driving motivation. Share your successes with your online community, family, and friends – this aids in maintaining connections and reminding you that you’re not alone in your journey.

Some Combating Loneliness Resources!

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Being a solo business operator doesn’t necessarily need to equal loneliness. With the strategies outlined above, it’s possible to remain connected and foster a sense of community while enjoying the advantages of being your own boss. Remember, having a business is still about about human connection and mental health while making a living. Balance is key and if you remember that you’re sure to conquer that solo business owner loneliness! If you don’t or are struggling send us an email 🙂 

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