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Strategy or Control Freak?

Do you have a strategy for your business marketing? Are you a control freak where your business is concerned? Are you trying to do everything yourself? Do you only trust yourself to get things done? Are you a perfectionist? Are you insisting on doing everything despite knowing you aren’t good at everything? Is your business running you- instead of you running your business? Scared of using a branding agency? Have a strategy but can’t get it all done yourself? Afraid to outsource and get help? My first business was running a yoga studio/therapy centre- I tried to do it all! The comes a point however if you are trying to learn and do too many things at once in your business you are going to be consumed it and won’t be able to move forward. You are not always going to be good at everything even if you learn it, you are not always going to LIKE everything despite being good at it. I don’t like accounting- but you might thrive on it. The point is well made here

“To achieve my business mission, I cannot be bogged down creating websites, running social media campaigns, building sales funnels and doing my own PR.

If I want to do what I do best, I leave the rest to the best.

This is otherwise known as outsourcing.

It is easy when you start a business to get trapped the need to do everything yourself. After all, unless you have big capital backing you, budget is always a consideration when taking those first few steps in a new business – there is only so much money to go around and you have to be careful where you spend it.

Outsourcing does cost money. However, it is all how you frame that spend. I think of it as an investment – in my business, my time and my clients. I can’t be writing books, coaching clients and sharing my knowledge if I am focused on getting my SEO right or writing the next media release or building a website. All those things take time away from my speciality.

Of course doing everything yourself does save you money, but it also costs you a lot more than you realise. There is always a cost and price for everything you do and don’t do. The fact remains, you either have time or money. For anyone who wants to move forward quickly, time is not what you have.

For me, outsourcing saved me TIME. I only have so many hours in the day (like all of us). I want to be able to spend time with my family and serving my clients. It is really that simple.”  (Andrew Hackett 2019 in this article).

You may even have a strategy for your business but are struggling to do everything yourself. You need to make your business work for you and your life, having an actionable strategy will help. You can learn to delegate, you can learn patience and you can learn you don’t need to master everything all at once. The team at rawmarrow are good at strategic branding + video + social media management. If there’s no strategy behind the things you are doing and you aren’t getting results then it’s time to contact us.