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The thing you think is the problem is rarely the actual problem.

What is the real problem?

Many small businesses come to us looking for help with their social media marketing. They often want us to create more professional photos or videos of their products, or to help them post more often on social media. While these are all important things, we often find that they’re not the real problem.

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Small Business Marketing Pointers.

Marketing is not just about knowing the theory; it requires time, skills, strategic thinking and the ability to apply it to your business. As a small business owner you can lack the time, find yourself overwhelmed or lack the expertise. Here are some quick marketing pointers.

The Illusion of Consistency: Why Posting Every Day Won’t Guarantee Results

In the fast-paced world of social media, we often hear the mantra “Consistency is key.” This advice suggests that success on social media platforms relies heavily on posting content every single day. It has become an ingrained belief among many that if they consistently push out content, the people will come!

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Small Business: The Basics Vs Lure of the Shiny 

In the world of small businesses, owners are often eager to explore new tools and trends, particularly in the digital realm. With the promise of increased efficiency, wider reach, and quick success, it’s no wonder that many small businesses gravitate towards them. However, the danger lies in overlooking the basic work necessary for a thriving business.

Create a Website using AI

Want a website without knowing how to code? We took an AI website builder for a spin. There is also a list that we are trying to update as best as we can for other AI builders as technology changes and improves.

The Big Bird Rule: Perspective.

It’s all about perspective. Which perspective you take can have big impact on the success of your business. Read about the Big Bird Rule from Inc Australia.


ChatGPT what is it can I use it for my small business?

Best video app

Most small business owners focus on the app they use to create video content rather than the content itself. That’s a big mistake and if we are honest an excuse not to understand your ideal client!

Marketing: Who is your target?

Have you ever come across marketing material that feels like it’s speaking directly to you? That’s the kind of reaction your brochures, social media posts, and ads should aim for when promoting your business.