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Video for Business


Images are always more compelling than text, and videos are even more compelling to viewers. Did anyone read this and NOT watch the video? If so you are the exception. The best performing content type is video. Which means if you have something to sell or something to show- you need to use video. We are visual creatures. There have been many studies showing how much more effective video is as a marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.

Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research coined the phrase that 1 Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words in his article “How Video Will Take Over The World” which he wrote in 2008!!

So what are the main considerations for getting started with video?


1.Story telling.

As with anything- stories create connection. Don’t just make a video because you know it will get attention. For video to hold a viewers attention there needs to be a story. Even if it’s a tiny one. Effective videos will evoke emotion, understand your customers problems or needs, and present an solution.

Or it may tell the story of your brand, how you came to be, behind the scenes, showing a product or service, it might training on something specific.

Before starting your video you need to consider its purpose and its audience- then you can craft something meaningful and engaging. Ask your self what do you want the viewer to do after watching the video. Is it for information? Is it asking them to visit your website? Is it asking them to buy something?

2. Making or Sourcing the video.

The most expensive movie made to date is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with a budget of $378.5 million. Video production means big money- even for videos less than ten minutes it can cost $$.

Arrr! my hearties clearly we are not talking about this budget or lavish sets and so on. These days anyone can make a video. If you have a phone- you can make a video! If you have a camera you can make a video.

So once you have written down the story you need to either shoot or source your video.

A number of platforms also offer live video- which may suit your brand best such as Facebook and Instagram for a start. (Look at @ritzofrosanna who does instagram videos regularly for a good example).

So you’ve made your video and you may need to edit it (there are many video editing programs see blog post about video software and apps here).

3. Selecting the right place to publish your video.

You need to consider from the outset where you are going to publish it? Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are common places to publish. Different platforms have different audiences. Choose the platform according to the purpose of the video.

You may want to publish a video on your website or blog. Or you may want to publish it on lots of places.

In addition, you need to consider the times that you post video on each social media platform. As a rough guide several sources cite the best day to post across most social media channels is Wednesday with the best times from 11am to 2pm. The worst day across all media platforms generally is Sunday.

In all honesty there are lots of different statistics regarding this- and in my view it depends too, on your audience. The only way to determine the best time to post is to look at patterns over time on your posts (video or otherwise). I’ve done many experiments over the years looking at optimal times- and what is the optimal time for me may not be the case for your business type.

4. Analysing the results.

Video is no different from any other content. You need to know if it is reaching people, you need to know if it served it’s purpose. Facebook, Instagram business and YouTube all have analytics so you can see the levels of engagement.

If you need help with video drop me an email below.

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