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Video for Social Media Channels

Are you a business that uses video across your social media channels? If you are that is fantastic! The best performing content type is video. Which means if you have something to sell or something to show- you need to use video.

This doesn’t mean grabbing something or going live and whacking up a video for the sake of it. You need to have a strategy. Yes I know I am always going on and on about strategy and I will continue to do so- get used to it :))

Before starting your video you need to consider its purpose and its audience- then you can craft something meaningful and engaging.

Ask your self what do you want the viewer to do after watching the video.

  • Is it for information?
  • Is it asking them to visit your website?
  • Is it asking them to buy something?
  • Is it to make them laugh?

Having a strategy is true for any video you create- be that a facebook ad, or an educational video. As with anything- stories create connection. Don’t just make a video because you know it will get attention, as more people are using video that won’t cut it anymore.

For video to hold a viewers attention there needs to be a story. Even if it’s a tiny one. Effective videos will evoke emotion, understand your customers problems or needs, and present an solution. Or it may tell the story of your brand, how you came to be, behind the scenes, showing a product or service, it might training on something specific.

The problem for many business owners is having the time to create consistently and send their videos out into the world and analysing the results. If you need help or some direction with branded video content creation and social media get in touch.

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