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Any business can make videos

Rawmarrow skeleton video editing in background. Words read Anyone can create vide

You don’t HAVE to have a video content strategy- I’m just saying your results will be better if you do. I am all about working in the most effective and efficient manner possible. So yes I’m a broken record I’ve spoken before about having a purpose for all your content before you create the video (or content) before here and here. The elements of your video (or any content) should align with your brand.

I’m in a lot of business groups (online and actual) and most people just want to “get their stuff out there” which is one approach, but I really believe if you don’t know who you are making it for (yes you need to know who your target audience is!) and then it is way more likely it won’t get people to buy/subscribe. (This is true for ANY content you are creating- keep asking yourself- what is the purpose of this? who is it for?).

Most people recognise that a strategy is a good way to go, but very few will follow up and create one, until they reach a point of frustration.

If you need help with creating a video content strategy aligned with your brand with a social media management in one happy bundle so you don’t have to worry about it anymore we are your crew 🙂