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Conquer Canva with Confidence:Beginner’s Guide for Non-Techies.

Rawmarrow cover for Beginners Canva Download.

We have released a basic guide to Canva. Almost accident, it all started years ago when we had a client (we will call her Margaret) who had started a business after she retired.

Gain Canva Confidence.

Margaret had poured her passion into a niche business but marketing was not her thing. Canva, the design platform everyone raved about, seemed like a mythical beast.

She was scared and not confident to use new tools. Having worked in IT and taught people how use various software I am all about empowering people to have confidence to try new things. Having seen countless souls paralysed tech, I recognised the fear in Margaret’s eyes. So I did a few one on one sessions with her. I then sent some videos on specific things she was struggling with. The fear in Margaret’s eyes softened as she discovered the magic of drag-and-drop design. I showed her how to resize photos without sacrificing quality, how to choose fonts that complemented her brand, and the power of white space. She grew more confident and started really improving in her ability to post more often as she learnt more about Canva, it took her less time to design.

Fast forward to this year when we had a similar query from someone starting a business. In response, we put together a concise beginner’s guide to Canva, specifically using the free version—which is what the majority of our clients use. Click on the cover below to DOWNLOAD IT.

Rawmarrow Beginners Guide to Canva.

This guide encompasses essential Canva tools, accompanied videos, insights into common pitfalls for beginners, tips on photo grids and mock-ups, and guidance on incorporating more than three branding colours into your designs.

Feel free to grab your complimentary copy, and while we plan future updates, we’re currently focusing on completing other digital downloads for you. Including some Canva templates that would make it even easier for people that hate design or don’t have time. Your feedback as always, is more than welcome as we strive to enhance our resources.

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